Al Suwaidi Equipment & Transport moves 252-tonne liquid separator on 32-axle-line Nicolas MHD

The transport shortly after setting off (Picture: Nicolas Industrie)

01.12.2014, Al Jubail: Transports in the desert states often demand everything of the material used – blistering heat and sandy terrain require extremely robust vehicles. The MHD from Nicolas is such a vehicle and is used all over the world in the toughest conditions.

TT Club Pinpoints Contamination as Primary Cause of Tank Container Claims

Causes of Claims involving Tank Containers: By Volume (Picture: TT Club)

01.11.2014, Shanghai: Speaking at
the Asia Tank Container Organization’s General Meeting in Shanghai , TT Club’s
Regional Director, Asia-Pacific Phillip Emmanuel outlined the major risk
exposures facing the tank container industry.  Based on an extensive